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Me, my blog and I

I feel like I owe you an explanation, dear reader An explanation as to why I have been bombarding you with posts of late. Why the figure in brackets behind November on the right stands out; bigger, more obvious than most of the months below. I am no longer what I once was. Yesterday I

Developing the future

I have a Director, Richard Corbridge our Chief Information Officer, who is very candid whenever we discuss development opportunities. His view is simple. When planning and requesting development, the emphasis should not be about this role. It shouldn’t even be about your (my) next role. When going on courses or development programmes, your approach should

The clock is ticking

  There’s a lot to do. It will be tough, there will be a number of difficult situations to overcome – now is not the time to falter. I really wouldn’t want it any other way. With last week off, relaxed and at peace with life as a family man – I have now returned

Postcards from Milan – Lavoro

I’ve done a fair bit of walking on this trip. As I’ve walked around, I’ve not, as is customary, looked in the expensive shop windows of Milan. I’ve been more interested in the grey, soulless looking buildings that sit above, or behind that gloss of fashion. It’s no secret that I would like to live

And why should we give you the job?

I’m good at what I do. It’s not the greatest answer. By no means one that will end up on a quotation site – and yes, of course, I will expand. It is the right answer. It is why they should give me the job. I try never to explain what I do for a


It’s a river. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s a fairly non-descript river. A river that has, through nature and man, had its course changed – its quality eroded – its importance altered over time. But it is, for all intents and purposes – still, just a river. But as an idiom; it’s more than that.

Connected – The Leeds side-streets that you slip down

The next three connected posts – planned to run over the next three days – are about a subject that is, quite literally (Jamie), close to my heart; anxiety. The first, connected, will try to give an understanding of how I came to accept I had to deal with my anxiety. The second, disconnected, will

Dropping the C-BOMB

I swear. I swear a lot. I can never remember if it is like a docker, a trooper, a fox or a pig. Either way, it is something I do on a regular basis. Or at least I once did. Have a baby and everyone with or without a kid will instantly tell you that

Do realists dream of half priced lamb?

I don’t dream. Not really. At night maybe, but not with what you might call hope. Not in that genuinely enthusiastic way people with aspirations do. People who tell the world what their dream job might be, or where they hope to be living in 5, 10, 15 years time. I talk long of my

The Wasp Factory

Do you ever have one of those days where everything you do appears to come signposted, or at least has a symbol associated with it – a negative portent, if not an enormous neon sign advising you turn back? I’m about to walk in to a meeting where a delegate has been replaced by a