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Tipping the brim

I’ve written in the past about the need to smarten myself up. To confront my apathy towards shopping and to add a few, choice pieces a month to my – what can only be described as a, relaxed wardrobe. I often look back to a bygone era, to a time when the idea of leaving

A stig by any other name

I’m a mess. With each passing week – with each frayed collar, each lost button – every load of washing (of which I am unlikely to have played an active part), it is clear. I am letting myself go. I can’t remember the last time I bought an item of clothing – can’t remember the

Just like Mama used to fake it

I love Italian food. I love it for its simplicity, its complex nature; the speed with which a dish can be prepared or the age it takes to eat a sumptuous feast. It is the often, contradictory nature that appeals so much – for there is a meal, a dish or a taste sensation for

Looking past the cover: Part Two

So, do you find me a changed man? Did I have an epiphany in the Upper Circle? Am I a convert, or will I continue to struggle blindly over the opera based questions on a University Challenge? The answer to the first three questions is a resounding NO; but… The fact that I have left

Hair today

I’m going through what can only be described as a mid-hair life crisis. Or is that a hair’s midlife crisis? Either way, it’s not a midlife crisis. I’m not fantasising over expensive Italian cars, nor am I considering throwing my lot in with an employee who leans in seductively as we talk about the Petersen