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Postcards from Leeds – A holiday romance

You meet them. You fall for them. You think you’ll never be able to live without them. And then, just like that, you let them go. They let you go! Holiday romances are strange, intoxicating relationships that can last a week; yet still live in the memories for a lifetime. I technically fell for Amy

Postcards from Rome – Postscript

This is the postcard where I just dump stuff. The parts, and places, that didn’t quite get the time – or warrant the attention of their own, individual postcard. The disappearance of Cacio e Pepe from the average restaurant/tourist menu was rather disappointing. Travellers clearly no longer see the want or the value in plain

Postcards from Rome – The last supper

It seems wrong to try and compare Rome’s Fiumicino airport with Leeds Bradford. It’s that blood orange/lemon thing again. One is the main airport for a global traveller’s city – the other is a regional airport that few global travellers will pass through. But still – there is one aspect that you can compare, even

Postcards from Rome – Thanks for the Mem/Cal-ories

I feel bloated. It’s post beer, rich food, average night’s sleep – bloated. Sleep interrupted by thoughts of a return – thoughts of a departure. I think we all had those thoughts. Even LLK – who spent three nights comfortably sleeping in a double bed, before falling out of it on her last night. In

Postcards from Rome – Arrivederci Roma

I’m fighting back the tears as I type this. Damn you predictive, emotive text. What I meant to type was – knocking back the beers – but, well, there is an emotional attachment that grows stronger every time I come to Rome. I love the north – Turin where friends live; Milan where I once

Postcards from Rome – Ti amo

I can hear you ask, what will you take away from this holiday? Is it wrong to say a love of a beer, of a bar – of the people who work in a beer shop and bar? Tipopils is great. Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fa’ (MCSVAF) is absolutely fantastic. Yes you pay €4s

Postcard from Rome – Water, water; everywhere

There are three things you see, everywhere in Rome. Statues, Obelisks and water – water in both the Tiber and in the many fountains and water based monuments throughout the city. We’ve already seen the Fontana di Trevi in these postcards, but where the might – the power of the Empire (as in bringing back

Postcards from Rome – Guided bore

Sunflower, flag, jester hat or ballon – all different in their own way, but all similiar in one – they are all usually held by a tour guide. A tour guide who is more often than not, boring the life out of the people following behind their identifiable stick. OK, so I’m being a little

Postcards from Rome – Dressing with the seasons

Pop quiz due How can you tell the locals from the tourists in Rome? Most of you are going for the trademark cameras or rucksacks. Others, for the gormless look of the lost tourist, nose deep in a map. The true key to differentiate between the two is not necessarily that simple. The real test

Postcards from Rome – No average photography

Pop quiz uno What is the monument above? No consulting google – well, unless you want to see a far better image of it. Maybe one at night – or at least one head on. I’m no good at taking photos. It’s why we’re not really a picture family. There are plenty of snaps of