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  “Vodka Limon por favor” I said to the young lady behind the bar, as she sloped off to quench the thirst of yet another local ahead of me. She sniffed the air – my money obviously not good enough for her. Deciding this could take awhile, I turned, instead, to resume my conversation with

A song to share – Harry King Live

  There is something I want to share with you. It is something; they are something that I have started to share with your sister. It is music. The music I love. You may be named, in part, after a footballer. To see your namesake Marco Tardelli celebrate. To tell your mum how she makes

You can change your mind…

As I sit here listening to Daphne “Change” (great track by the way, you’ll love it – or at least I will try to encourage you to love it), it’s starting to occur to me that change is somewhat dominating our lives at the moment. We watch a cartoon called Humf, where the main character

Looking past the cover: Part Two

So, do you find me a changed man? Did I have an epiphany in the Upper Circle? Am I a convert, or will I continue to struggle blindly over the opera based questions on a University Challenge? The answer to the first three questions is a resounding NO; but… The fact that I have left

Looking past the cover: Part One

The image to the right of these words is of a book. The actual book is not important. The fact that it has a cover is. I don’t know if the book is any good. I can’t tell that simply from looking at the cover. To find out if I like the book I have

Clubbed to life

I’m stood, hugging a bare-chested man. I’ve been in this embrace for the last five minutes. I don’t know his name, or why he is hugging me. All I know is that his shirt is round his waist, I’m covered in his sweat and his mouth is moving but no sound is coming out. He

Hair today

I’m going through what can only be described as a mid-hair life crisis. Or is that a hair’s midlife crisis? Either way, it’s not a midlife crisis. I’m not fantasising over expensive Italian cars, nor am I considering throwing my lot in with an employee who leans in seductively as we talk about the Petersen

A Three Banana Effort

What is the greatest film you have ever seen? What is the best album you’ve owned, so tattered or worn that you’re well past the first copy you picked up? What about food, drink, places or people? To determine the best, how did you rate them? Did you give them stars, thumbs up, a number

Music – New Horizons

Have you ever been kicked in the face by a pretty girl with a pair of Doc Martens and thought you were having the time of your life? If yes, then there’s every chance you are either a sadomasochist – or you spent most of your teenage years stood, in a moshpit, less than six