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You can change your mind…

As I sit here listening to Daphne “Change” (great track by the way, you’ll love it – or at least I will try to encourage you to love it), it’s starting to occur to me that change is somewhat dominating our lives at the moment. We watch a cartoon called Humf, where the main character

Seven Hundred and Three is family

The intention of the letters up to this stage has been a way of introducing you to us, to your world – to try to explain how you came to be with us. The intention of this letter is to try to offer you some guidance, to explain to you the importance of family –

Well hello

Dear Lauren You may never read this. Given the fact that you can’t read and that by the time you can, this blog may no longer exist. However your Mum asked me to write something to you when you were born, as a keepsake of who we are, and how you’ve changed our lives. Admittedly