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The presents, revolt

People of the world. Come here and read my words. They bring forth a simple idea. One we must all, by now, agree is needed. Change is a coming. For change to happen, we need to look not inside ourselves, nor even in to the faces of others. No. We need to look at the

Shopping by numbers

The title says it all. We shop by numbers. Just take a look at our fridge in that picture. See the shelves, well the shelves represent numbers – as though they are shapes in a children’s colouring book. The shelves represent “colours” that need to be filled in. Colours such as meat, dairy, salad and

Quality control

Buy better, buy less. That appears to be the current commercial mantra. Enjoy less of what you like, as long as you are prepared to pay more than you normally would – is another way of approaching it. After the meat fiasco of the supermarkets earlier in the year, I noticed a number of emails

Added value?

I might be being petty here. I usually am. So in the words of The Smiths “Stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before.” I was at Chester Zoo last Sunday. We had an excellent day out as a family. LLK loved it, even if she took a while to warm to

Postcards from Milan – Il cinque euro birra

I’m sat in a pub. It’s the brew pub of Birrifico Lambrate. The place is packed. The music loud. Conversation is bouncing off the walls, the people – as though they are tuning forks – hitting a perfect note. It’s a great pub to sit in, selling a range of beers that have, thus far

Postcards from Rome – What price a pint

The difficulty of comparing bar beer prices is that it is like comparing blood oranges and lemons. One is sweet, juicy and refreshing – whilst the other leaves a sharp, sour taste in your mouth. I love the North Bar Group in Leeds. If you ever find yourself in the city I call home, then

A stig by any other name

I’m a mess. With each passing week – with each frayed collar, each lost button – every load of washing (of which I am unlikely to have played an active part), it is clear. I am letting myself go. I can’t remember the last time I bought an item of clothing – can’t remember the