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Postcards from Milan – Arrivederci

And so, all good things – and some very wet and drab things – must come to an end. As I alluded to in my opening postcard of this viaggio, I’m really not one for spending time on my own. So if that has shaped some of the postcards, in a negative way, then I

Postcards from Leeds – A holiday romance

You meet them. You fall for them. You think you’ll never be able to live without them. And then, just like that, you let them go. They let you go! Holiday romances are strange, intoxicating relationships that can last a week; yet still live in the memories for a lifetime. I technically fell for Amy


Forget Cotoletta alla Milanese, that greatest of all rebranded regional dishes (it was pork, originally, not veal) inherited from the days of the Austrian Empire – the perfect accompaniment to tonight’s Derby della Madonnia (AC Milan v Internazionale) must surely be a Negroni. There’s a good chance that you won’t have had a Negroni before.

A simple kind of beauty

I can still vividly remember leaning across to my dining companion as I urged him to cast his eyes towards the door of the Pizzeria we were sat in. There, framed by a single light above the doorway was a vision of Milanese beauty so fine, that she turned the heads of most as she