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I wanna give you devotion

You stare. You gaze adoringly, that is if a three month old baby knows what adoringly means? The best thing in your life, shortly after boobies and the milk they bring is your Lolo – Lauren – your sister. When we sit together, the three of us, there is only one thing you are interested


Stop. Stop it. Just stop. It’s amazing how, now you have moved through the ages from three to four, the word stop is appearing more regularly in our lives. Some of it is just a repetition of that same word, at the same time, for the same reasons. When you are naughty! There are other

Unconditional love

We love you. We love you more and more each day. You love us. You tell us more and more each day. You tell us your love is “Up to the ceiling, down to the floor, round the world and lots, lots more.” That’s how much my Mum loves me – it was the same

Postcards from Rome – Ti amo

I can hear you ask, what will you take away from this holiday? Is it wrong to say a love of a beer, of a bar – of the people who work in a beer shop and bar? Tipopils is great. Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fa’ (MCSVAF) is absolutely fantastic. Yes you pay €4s

New birth eclipses old ways

I started to write. And then I paused. I paused for a moment to reflect. To decide whether to carry on with the post I had in mind, or to mentally, and electronically, screw it up and throw it in the Recycle Bin on my desktop. I wanted to rant. To distance myself from the

Death of a tee

Goodbye old friend You served me well I shall cherish the times we spent together You protected me You covered me You gave me warmth when others offered only cold You were cool when some would have been stifling We travelled great distances together But as time drew on, you rarely left the house You

Guest blog: In Bed With Maradona

A guest post written for the football website, In Bed With Maradona, based on my curious love for an inanimate object – the Adidas Tango football. A love affair with the Adidas Tango

For the love of it

I’m stood on a railway platform in Hexham, Northumberland. It’s 8.30am and I’m waiting for a train to take me to Newcastle. It is the start of a journey that will eventually take me to Bury, Lancashire; passing by the outskirts of Leeds. The city where I live – the city I left yesterday to

Don’t Eat Bees…

… Eat bubbles! A simple statement – said by you to Hooch our dog, as she chased around the garden after a bee. A bee so engorged by a feast of nectar from our neighbour’s garden, that it could barely lift itself above and beyond the snapping jaws of the chasing hound. There is clearly

Guest Blog: In Bed With Maradona

A guest post written for the football website, In Bed With Maradona, on the growing complexities within the game – and a modern reliance on data to formulate a view on how players perform. Football. Previously a simple game