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I read a post today, oh boy

Actually, I read the blog post yesterday. I’m not sure why I’m claiming today, or even why I’ve gone with a Beatles themed title – but it just kept looping around in my head. And well, sometimes I just go with – say what – is rattling around up there. But today is important. Not

Self Portrait – The Man Behind The Mask

A view from the man behind the mask. But what is he hiding? From those around him. From himself. A blog that offers the chance to open up; to set his thoughts free. A blog that is proving to be more of a pleasure to write than initially thought. That is proving to be an

Postcards from Rome – A level crossing

“… And be careful crossing the roads.” It appears an innocent enough comment made from one person to another – but then, this is Rome. A city where pedestrians barely register with the average driver. The green light as seen in the image above is a temptress; a siren of doom. For the green man

The age of happiness

I was reminded of my age on Saturday night. As I stood in a friend’s kitchen, discussing their impending birthday – their thirtieth – I was struck by the explanation they gave as to how they were approaching this turn of a decade: “I’m not that bothered about turning 30, but I will miss no

The Blogger in his studio

I’m sat at a table. It is a table big enough to sit six large chairs around. My hair is tidy; if a little long. My eyes are heavy – blue, but bloodshot. My features both puffy and sharp; stubble of two days is scratchy and loud to touch. I sit like a burst couch,

The Wasp Factory

Do you ever have one of those days where everything you do appears to come signposted, or at least has a symbol associated with it – a negative portent, if not an enormous neon sign advising you turn back? I’m about to walk in to a meeting where a delegate has been replaced by a