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Words of comfort

This is just a quick post. It is a post that not many people will actually read, but its purpose is to highlight why I write a blog. Something happened on Friday in terms of my other blog, Parla Calcio? I sent a link to a football writer on twitter, as I thought they might

For Everything A Reason

Dear Lauren, Fear is a strange sensation that comes in many forms. It can be a unifying bond between us, as you look to me for comfort and protection. You are usually the root cause of my fear, whilst your fears come and go; change and return without good reason. There are times when you

Well hello

Dear Lauren You may never read this. Given the fact that you can’t read and that by the time you can, this blog may no longer exist. However your Mum asked me to write something to you when you were born, as a keepsake of who we are, and how you’ve changed our lives. Admittedly