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The shadow over Meanwood

You always want more from where you live. For many years I have wanted Meanwood to be a suburb of London with an N or W postcode; such was my belief that I may, eventually, end up back there. Now I appear to be almost embracing the four points of my manor that stretch from

Where the streets have no lanes

Street food. In essence it sounds romantic, grubby, carefree and unhygienic. It is there, where you are; when you want it. Or so it appears. Just as long as you believe what yet another food programme camera crew are selling you form their far flung corner of the world Street food in England is different.

Tonight Matthew, i’m going to be…

Update: As @MattTomorrow highlights in his tweet, Rosario Leggiero was once the General Manager of Polpo in Soho. Another mystery solved. Have you ever experienced a sense of feeling that you are somewhere you have been before, even though you know you have never, actually, been there before? Welcome to Zucco. Given how yesterday was

Kid’s Meal – Pinche Pinche

There are times when I wonder if it is more hassle than it is worth trying to impose some kind of order to this blog (drunken, late night posts accepted). Such a time came last Saturday night, as, sat in Pinche Pinche in Chapel Allerton, Leeds – I sank my teeth in to the softest,

Kid’s Meal – Salvo’s (Leeds)

  Intro: This is not a food blog. Until a week ago I wasn’t quite sure what this blog was about; that was until I decided to focus on all things family. Therefore, a review of a restaurant under the subject heading “Kid’s Meal” is not just about the quality of food enjoyed by the

Postcards from Leeds – A holiday romance

You meet them. You fall for them. You think you’ll never be able to live without them. And then, just like that, you let them go. They let you go! Holiday romances are strange, intoxicating relationships that can last a week; yet still live in the memories for a lifetime. I technically fell for Amy

Postcards from Leeds – Of the People

I have been selected to be one of the People of Leeds. I think it is an idea that was started in Sweden, where a different person each week takes over a twitter feed and tells the world – or at least the followers of that feed – about their location; their Leeds. Their Leeds?

Postcards from Rome – What price a pint

The difficulty of comparing bar beer prices is that it is like comparing blood oranges and lemons. One is sweet, juicy and refreshing – whilst the other leaves a sharp, sour taste in your mouth. I love the North Bar Group in Leeds. If you ever find yourself in the city I call home, then

Just like Mama used to fake it

I love Italian food. I love it for its simplicity, its complex nature; the speed with which a dish can be prepared or the age it takes to eat a sumptuous feast. It is the often, contradictory nature that appeals so much – for there is a meal, a dish or a taste sensation for

On – Being lost in Leeds

Found myself in a strange town, though I’ve only been here for six years now. I’ve got questions in my mind. Trying to find a clue on Cookridge Street. I moved to Leeds for love. It’s true. The love was already in me; it just happened that the person I loved was living in Leeds.