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Explaining sad (AKA yeah, cheers Walt)

Happy – Sad Smile – Frown Good – Evil Calm – Angry Alive – Dead Good – naughty, bad, terrible, horrible, wicked, dastardly… Who would have thought that one of the biggest challenges faced during the Christmas period, would have been to decide how best we should approach a seemingly unending list of human emotions

The true spirit of Christmas – a happy child

Belief. It’s a strange thing to explain to people. A sense of knowledge and understanding that comes solely from within – even if it is passed down through the ages. Only you can believe. Only you have the power to believe. Christmas is an interesting time when you have a young child. There are a

Disconnected – Alright Dave?

A trigger is a strange thing. In terms of my anxiety, a trigger could be a simple thing that I would manage, deal with and move past for weeks on end. Then, out of nowhere; that simple thing would blow up. Become a hard to manage, impossible to pass situation – that I simply had

Dropping the C-BOMB

I swear. I swear a lot. I can never remember if it is like a docker, a trooper, a fox or a pig. Either way, it is something I do on a regular basis. Or at least I once did. Have a baby and everyone with or without a kid will instantly tell you that