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Postcards from Rome – The start

Postcard from Rome – well, not quite. Currently being herded like cattle – through the building site that is Leeds Bradford Airport. If this is a traveller’s first impression of Yorkshire, then god only knows what they will expect from the rest of their trip. But Leeds Bradford is not really an airport; more a

Blogging from the front line

I’m sat in a busy kitchen with families running around me – including sections of my own – and I am closed away in my own thoughts; planning this latest post. But then I am on holiday. I am supposed to be enjoying myself. Writing is one of the few ways by which I have

A language of its own

I know it’s been a month or so since we were out in Italy, but there is an episode from our trip that I’ve been meaning to share. An episode which shows that no matter how difficult a situation might first appear – languages can be broken down with a simple smile, wave of the

On – The lazy traveller

Alan Whicker’s experience of foreign travel taught him that learning languages was less important than a confident, cheerful attitude. That may work for a renowned international traveller and media star, but what about the rest of us – simple, lazy travellers. I’ve just got back off of a Mediterranean holiday. Menorca you see. The island