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Ides of March

Beware the Ides of March, they say. Beware, what though? Mum may be coming over for dinner; there’s a good chance Lauren will be overly tired – work is, well, work. But as I look out of the window at a glorious, sun filled blue sky – I do wonder, what is there to be

I don’t like it

“I don’t like it. Why don’t you like it? I don’t like it.” It’s a simple enough conversation, played out with a two year old, who doesn’t quite have the language development to articulate what she really wants to say. Yet they are four words I try my hardest to stop Lauren from actually saying.


How could I have know when I woke up this morning, that I would spend most of my lunch hour stood across the other side of a post office counter looking at myself? That my usual actions – those of a forgetful, last minute as always type of present buyer would bring me directly in

Guest Blog: In Bed With Maradona

A guest post written for the football website, In Bed With Maradona, on the growing complexities within the game – and a modern reliance on data to formulate a view on how players perform. Football. Previously a simple game

My friend in porn

Ok, so the title is slightly misleading. It’s not meant to imply that porn is the friend; a crutch I rely on when I’m down or have certain urges. No. What I mean is that I have a friend who works in the porn industry. A friend who now goes by the professional name of

Guest Blog: Dear Mr Levy

A guest blog for the Dear Mr Levy website. A site dedicated to the trials and tribulations (with the occasional happy, positive post) down at Tottenham Hotspur FC Here I am allowed to dream; to slip back in to my childhood and remember a time when Spurs were once a European force. Oh what a