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Food glorious food

Why do you eat? That seems like a simple enough question. Most of us eat to live, to survive. But is that the only reason why we, you eat? Do you ever eat to enjoy? To savour the time you spend with food? The easiest way to determine whether you are a functioning, eating machine

Shopping by numbers

The title says it all. We shop by numbers. Just take a look at our fridge in that picture. See the shelves, well the shelves represent numbers – as though they are shapes in a children’s colouring book. The shelves represent “colours” that need to be filled in. Colours such as meat, dairy, salad and

Montalbano Sono

As icons go, a balding police inspector from Sicily may not be up there with the most obvious choices, even more so given that he is a fictional character. Yet there is something in/about Salvo Montalbano that sings to me. That makes me think of all the time I have spent in Italian department stores

It’s a wrap

I love meat. In fact, there are times when presented with a gorgeous slab of belly pork – seasoned with fennel seeds, salt and chilli – where I could almost cut the meat away from fat and skin, and fall head first in to that crispy coated, buttery goodness. It’s therefore rare for me to

The shadow over Meanwood

You always want more from where you live. For many years I have wanted Meanwood to be a suburb of London with an N or W postcode; such was my belief that I may, eventually, end up back there. Now I appear to be almost embracing the four points of my manor that stretch from

Tonight Matthew, i’m going to be…

Update: As @MattTomorrow highlights in his tweet, Rosario Leggiero was once the General Manager of Polpo in Soho. Another mystery solved. Have you ever experienced a sense of feeling that you are somewhere you have been before, even though you know you have never, actually, been there before? Welcome to Zucco. Given how yesterday was

Kid’s Meal – Pinche Pinche

There are times when I wonder if it is more hassle than it is worth trying to impose some kind of order to this blog (drunken, late night posts accepted). Such a time came last Saturday night, as, sat in Pinche Pinche in Chapel Allerton, Leeds – I sank my teeth in to the softest,

Kid’s Meal – Salvo’s (Leeds)

  Intro: This is not a food blog. Until a week ago I wasn’t quite sure what this blog was about; that was until I decided to focus on all things family. Therefore, a review of a restaurant under the subject heading “Kid’s Meal” is not just about the quality of food enjoyed by the


I have a dream. It really is a simple dream. One where I walk in to a restaurant in Italy; where the staff great me as a returning friend – one of the family, even. I opened a window on to that dream tonight. Where a friend, mio amico, took us to a restaurant in

Quality control

Buy better, buy less. That appears to be the current commercial mantra. Enjoy less of what you like, as long as you are prepared to pay more than you normally would – is another way of approaching it. After the meat fiasco of the supermarkets earlier in the year, I noticed a number of emails