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I stand in front of you I’ll take the force of the blow Protection Something a father should always offer his children. Something I would like to think I offer to my wife; your mum. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much protection those around us really need. I can mollycoddle you to the point

Reconnected – Avert your eyes

Watch how I do it. Oh my god they’re huge. Try and do it a little harder. Just look at her eyes. Don’t look down there. Keep going. Another 50 seconds. Look at the clock. No. She might think that’s rude. 40. There’s an eye chart. Look at the eye chart. No wait. What if

A language of its own

I know it’s been a month or so since we were out in Italy, but there is an episode from our trip that I’ve been meaning to share. An episode which shows that no matter how difficult a situation might first appear – languages can be broken down with a simple smile, wave of the

For Everything A Reason

Dear Lauren, Fear is a strange sensation that comes in many forms. It can be a unifying bond between us, as you look to me for comfort and protection. You are usually the root cause of my fear, whilst your fears come and go; change and return without good reason. There are times when you