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Self Portrait: Broken Promises

Self portrait – December 2011. This is a quick and dirty post. I’m not sure if it is a one off or a new theme – in which I plaster my ugly mug up on the blog, cataloguing a year through my face. Some might argue that the image won’t change – that the same

What you might call a don’t

I note with some interest that it is only a week to go until the European arm of the 2011 Beer Bloggers Conference. I’m not a beer blogger – such a specialism doesn’t really interest me – but buying, drinking and talking about beer; in public or on twitter does make for a good hour

Drinking – An Education

There are certain points in time that we are all supposed to remember exactly where we were, when something profound or ground breaking took place. My Mum claims to remember exactly where she was when JFK was assassinated. Others can recall where they were when man first set foot on the moon, or when Phil