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Pride (In the name of love)

Pride and proud. They are two words we use quite a lot as parents; but it is often hard to determine how and why we are using them? We often use pride or proud for reasons that, on an adult level, seem quite bizarre. Imagine two smiling faces beaming with pride at the idea that

Gotta Dance!

Pour me a glass of vino rosso, sit me in a comfortable chair and ask me what my favourite film is. Truth is I don’t care much for films. I get bored quickly; fidgety – even quicker. So the thought of sitting through most films leaves me cold. But favourite films – that’s a different

Private dancer

“I would only believe in a God that knows how to dance.” Friedrich Nietzsche I’m a private dancer. Not in the provocative, seductive way – in backrooms, where you can look but not touch. No, I am a private dancer; alone – often in the kitchen, with only a laptop as sound system and DJ