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Stop. Stop it. Just stop. It’s amazing how, now you have moved through the ages from three to four, the word stop is appearing more regularly in our lives. Some of it is just a repetition of that same word, at the same time, for the same reasons. When you are naughty! There are other

I don’t like it

“I don’t like it. Why don’t you like it? I don’t like it.” It’s a simple enough conversation, played out with a two year old, who doesn’t quite have the language development to articulate what she really wants to say. Yet they are four words I try my hardest to stop Lauren from actually saying.


How could I have know when I woke up this morning, that I would spend most of my lunch hour stood across the other side of a post office counter looking at myself? That my usual actions – those of a forgetful, last minute as always type of present buyer would bring me directly in

You can change your mind…

As I sit here listening to Daphne “Change” (great track by the way, you’ll love it – or at least I will try to encourage you to love it), it’s starting to occur to me that change is somewhat dominating our lives at the moment. We watch a cartoon called Humf, where the main character

Reading this could change your life

I was once told that through sport, I lived a double life. I disagreed. My view was that what I did was no different to how others involved in amateur sport lived their lives. I had a decent job, a part-time hobby and a dedication to the sport I played. But then if I introduced

Don’t Eat Bees…

… Eat bubbles! A simple statement – said by you to Hooch our dog, as she chased around the garden after a bee. A bee so engorged by a feast of nectar from our neighbour’s garden, that it could barely lift itself above and beyond the snapping jaws of the chasing hound. There is clearly

Seven Hundred and Three is family

The intention of the letters up to this stage has been a way of introducing you to us, to your world – to try to explain how you came to be with us. The intention of this letter is to try to offer you some guidance, to explain to you the importance of family –

For Everything A Reason

Dear Lauren, Fear is a strange sensation that comes in many forms. It can be a unifying bond between us, as you look to me for comfort and protection. You are usually the root cause of my fear, whilst your fears come and go; change and return without good reason. There are times when you

Well hello

Dear Lauren You may never read this. Given the fact that you can’t read and that by the time you can, this blog may no longer exist. However your Mum asked me to write something to you when you were born, as a keepsake of who we are, and how you’ve changed our lives. Admittedly