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Just like Mama used to fake it

I love Italian food. I love it for its simplicity, its complex nature; the speed with which a dish can be prepared or the age it takes to eat a sumptuous feast. It is the often, contradictory nature that appeals so much – for there is a meal, a dish or a taste sensation for

Looking past the cover: Part Two

So, do you find me a changed man? Did I have an epiphany in the Upper Circle? Am I a convert, or will I continue to struggle blindly over the opera based questions on a University Challenge? The answer to the first three questions is a resounding NO; but… The fact that I have left

Looking past the cover: Part One

The image to the right of these words is of a book. The actual book is not important. The fact that it has a cover is. I don’t know if the book is any good. I can’t tell that simply from looking at the cover. To find out if I like the book I have

A Three Banana Effort

What is the greatest film you have ever seen? What is the best album you’ve owned, so tattered or worn that you’re well past the first copy you picked up? What about food, drink, places or people? To determine the best, how did you rate them? Did you give them stars, thumbs up, a number

On – Being lost in Leeds

Found myself in a strange town, though I’ve only been here for six years now. I’ve got questions in my mind. Trying to find a clue on Cookridge Street. I moved to Leeds for love. It’s true. The love was already in me; it just happened that the person I loved was living in Leeds.