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How many CDs do you have? How many vinyl albums, tapes or even, dare I say it, digital files chock full of music cluttering your hard drive? Likewise, how many cookbooks do you have? How many websites do you refer to, or recipes printed off; yellowing as they age under bombardment of steam and fat

Food: Divisions of Eight

Think of a number. Not any number – a specific number. The exact number you will cook for, eat with, tonight. What about tomorrow night? Will the number remain the same? What if it was a weekend? When we, it seems, are expected to entertain. Does that number change? Does it fluctuate depending on the

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The Family Meal: Home cooking with Ferran Adria How many of you read the introduction to cookbooks? That bit at the beginning where the author – usually a celebrity chef – will tell you about their motivation for the book. Where they will give you a feel for why this is the most important cookbook