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Quality control

Buy better, buy less. That appears to be the current commercial mantra. Enjoy less of what you like, as long as you are prepared to pay more than you normally would – is another way of approaching it. After the meat fiasco of the supermarkets earlier in the year, I noticed a number of emails


How many people like coffee art? If you don’t know what I am talking about, it’s when a barista takes their time to pour an image in to the top of your milky coffee – a fan, a heart, a leaf etc. How many of you think the experience adds to the, well, experience of

Postcards from Milan – Il cinque euro birra

I’m sat in a pub. It’s the brew pub of Birrifico Lambrate. The place is packed. The music loud. Conversation is bouncing off the walls, the people – as though they are tuning forks – hitting a perfect note. It’s a great pub to sit in, selling a range of beers that have, thus far

Postcards from Leeds – A holiday romance

You meet them. You fall for them. You think you’ll never be able to live without them. And then, just like that, you let them go. They let you go! Holiday romances are strange, intoxicating relationships that can last a week; yet still live in the memories for a lifetime. I technically fell for Amy

Postcards from Rome – Ti amo

I can hear you ask, what will you take away from this holiday? Is it wrong to say a love of a beer, of a bar – of the people who work in a beer shop and bar? Tipopils is great. Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fa’ (MCSVAF) is absolutely fantastic. Yes you pay €4s

Postcards from Rome – What price a pint

The difficulty of comparing bar beer prices is that it is like comparing blood oranges and lemons. One is sweet, juicy and refreshing – whilst the other leaves a sharp, sour taste in your mouth. I love the North Bar Group in Leeds. If you ever find yourself in the city I call home, then

Postcards from Rome – Do believe the hype

My mate Rob and I have one of those relationships. You know the sort. Where he is polite, informative and friendly – and I just take the piss. When I said I was going to Rome, Rob was the first to offer an itinerary of places to go – or at least, places to drink.


I have an idea. I’ll call it an idea as I think I’ve overused the word dream on this site – especially when composing yet another whimsical post for you all to read. The idea is to park a Fiat 500 in the ever-so-unglamorous location of the underground car park in Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Turin.

Go on, take a drink!

I can’t drink anymore. Not in the physical sense, where swallowing has had to have been replaced by a tube. No. My inability to drink stems largely from the fact that I seem to spend most of the day after a good night out, rushing in to bathrooms or bemoaning yet another – thumping headache.

Mixed messages

I love a debate. The kind of debate I love the most is one born out of a campaign. Where a movement looks to change the way something is perceived and tries to generate interest through an impassioned stance. The latest movement to spark my interest (antagonistic nature?) came in the form of a twitter