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Do not seek and ye shall find

I didn’t really expect to find anything when I went on holiday. I knew exactly where I was mentally, physically and spiritually before we arrived in Hvar – so what else was there to look for inside myself and find? No. I went on holiday to have a good time; to toast the wedding of

Postcards from Milan – Arrivederci

And so, all good things – and some very wet and drab things – must come to an end. As I alluded to in my opening postcard of this viaggio, I’m really not one for spending time on my own. So if that has shaped some of the postcards, in a negative way, then I

Postcards from Milan – The fallen

Memories, friendships, calories and Mulino Bianco products – are just some of the things I will be taking back from this trip. They are the lucky ones. For not everything I have with me in Milan will be making the return leg home. My shoes, which have served my working life and rare smart social

Postcards from Milan – Butt why?

Everybody has the right to do to their body, what they so desire. It’s not for me to say if smoking is wrong, or that people should not smoke around me. It doesn’t bother me that much – accept for a very short window of the day; when I’m sat, eating a meal. I’m still

Postcard from Vercelli – Otter’s pocket

I was going to give this post the subtitle ‘warmth’. Not as in temperature, but the warmth shown by one person to another – or in this case, lots of people. But then it started to rain. And rain. And rain. My whole top half is a mess of hair and cotton, stuck, like cling

Postcards from Milan – Lavoro

I’ve done a fair bit of walking on this trip. As I’ve walked around, I’ve not, as is customary, looked in the expensive shop windows of Milan. I’ve been more interested in the grey, soulless looking buildings that sit above, or behind that gloss of fashion. It’s no secret that I would like to live

Postcards from Milan – Surly

Think of this postcard, not just as an update – but as a handy tip if you are a virgin to these shores. You see, there’s a chance where you may have to buy something to eat – that’s cheap and quick – that requires you to interact with someone behind a counter. Someone, who

Postcards from Milan – Consistency rules

I tend to talk about Ice Cream, Gelato, a lot when I am in Italy. It is, as though, a holiday can only be measure by how good the Holy Trinity – of Gelato, Birra and History have been. I’ve already confirmed how good the beer is in an earlier post, and to be honest,

Postcards from Milan – Tat

There are three things that Hamley’s always seems to have on sale as you walk through the door. Firstly there is the oil board that changes colour when you mark it with a plastic stylus. The other is a plane you throw and it comes back to you. The final thing is a small, spider

Postcards from Milan – Heaven thy name is…

Princi. Hidden on a side street, just out of site of Milan’s impressive Duomo, is Princi. Princi is a bakery. It was recommended to me ahead of this trip by Gino De Blasio – firstly through tweets he’d sent from his own Milanese excursion, and then via email to make sure. Princi is a long,