The clock is ticking


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April 8, 2013MeMyselfandEyeNo comments



There’s a lot to do.

It will be tough, there will be a number of difficult situations to overcome – now is not the time to falter.

I really wouldn’t want it any other way.

With last week off, relaxed and at peace with life as a family man – I have now returned to work; in to a new financial year. The significance of the timing is that my organisation now has less than two years left on our contract. More importantly, I have less than one year left of my secondment. This is a good thing.

The main reason I work in project management is for the finite nature of the work. In recent times that finite nature has not been as abrupt as maybe I would have particularly liked. No one’s fault – no real detriment either. Now though; well, now I can see a series of clear milestones – I have timings I need to work to; achieve. The clock is ticking on project and – in some ways – my career.

I repeat. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Last weekend was the first where I haven’t looked at my emails with a slight sense of trepidation. You can counter that by suggesting I have been keeping an eye on what was happening over the week. I knew my to-do-list before it was actually sent over. I went to bed with clarity and, shock horror, a certain sense of determination to tackle the issues head on – and to show the organisation, my team, that they should still have their full faith in me.

That feeling has been a long time coming. Not since my early Technicolor days in 2003 did I really feel I was in a role, with a management team, where I genuinely believed I could achieve my best. Not since those days of working for Sega did I really feel as though I could make a positive difference. Now, at last, I have the chance to convince people that I am worth holding on to beyond my secondment. Worth the effort it takes to develop, beyond what it is I currently do.

The clock is ticking. I need to make this my time.

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