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April 11, 2013MeMyselfandEyeNo comments


Gadgets – a desk full of them.

Some of them work as you want; work for you. Others, no matter how many times you change the settings, the volume of the ringer – the connection to the net – are clearly destined to work against you.

They are smaller, more powerful and more intuitive? The smaller they get the fatter my fingers seem to be. The smaller they get, the more I have to retrain those fat fingers to dance towards the right keys.

The right keys to rekey a thousand different passwords – network access, screen access – when I want it; even when I don’t want it. You can’t hide from the gadgets. Turn them off and someone finds you through another route. There is always another route – laptop, tablet, phones – even those phones still plugged in to walls. If they don’t find you behind one of those, some bright spark has decided that it would be a good idea for the telephony system to email you. You’ll never escape from the email.

Yet still you hunt the gadgets – try to find a way to get the latest; the greatest? Ultra light! Super bright! The first thought that went, no screamed through my head when my iPhone screen smashed was “UPGRADE!” Upgrade to two more years of the same, not as cool phone as the next one along. Alas I’m four months off, so an insurance claim is my best bet. The wrong phone, the broken phone, mocks me when it rings.

Today brought with it a new laptop, a new, improved opportunity to listen to a man use acronyms and audible sighs as I ask him to go easy on me. “Make this new gadget painless. Please” I called him back. Something didn’t work. It never does the first time. Nor the second. Not even the third. Eventually I got it up and running.

Eventually I got back to work.
















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