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March 24, 2013Family Affair Writings on...2 Comments


I’m not really sure why I am here any more.

Once upon a time, as Lauren’s stories might begin, I started this blog to fill the space between the words I was being asked to write – and the ones I wanted to find time to write. That position has somewhat changed now. People aren’t exactly knocking down my door with commissions these days.

There has also been a massive change of focus at work. No longer am I frustratingly writing in an attempt to add more creativity; more control to my life. I get that at work – with the ability to write, business writing, but it is still the skill of using words to convince.

So why am I still here? Well, because of my family – or mia famiglia as the phoney, wannabe resident of Italy in me would say. When I started the blog I was very anti me – anti exposing me. Then it became clear that the few (definitely not humblebrag territory) that would regularly visit this site were interested in me – or at least the trimmings that came with me. My family became a rich and valuable source of material.

So that’s why I am still here. I am here to write, predominately, about life inside and out of the family home. At one point I wondered whether there was enough material inside my head to write an online “magazine” on family life from the male perspective. That came from buying Amy yet another parenting/mother magazine. Clearly there isn’t a market for such a magazine – if there was, someone with a far greater spark of imagination than I would have filled that space.

So having threatened to kill off the blog in January – having written about killing the blog off – I come back with a different look (it’s a new theme if you are reading this through your mobile) and, well, some focus. There will be some cross-posting from Lauren and Harry’s own blogs, but this is intended as a space for a wider family view – from experiences and frustrations to reviews and updates on anything and everything that might resonate with parents – new and old.

There’s even a space for non-family things – though it might take another 18 years for that section to come in to its own.

2 Responses to “Focus”
  1. Ian

    I’m glad you have decided to carry on writing, I’ve always enjoyed what you have written, thoughtful, thought provoking, insightful and humorous

    • Chris

      Thanks Ian. Kind of you to say so.

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