Stuck on you

This is LLK.

She will be three next month.

LLK is a gansta.

She a sticker gangsta!

She puts stickers everywhere – in books, on paper, on furniture – even on her face.

This is LLK’s dad.

He’ll be 37 next month.

He’s not a gangsta – but he can touch his nose with his tongue.

Being able to touch his nose with his tongue is not relevant to this post, nor to stickers – he just struggles to pose naturally for photos.

He first started collecting Panini stickers for the 1982 World Cup.

He can’t remember the last time he collected Panini stickers.

He feels that now is the right time for LLK to learn about the glory, that is finding a shiny badge – the unknown Polish centre back – those images of stadiums he will never go to.

He worries that LLK won’t put the stickers in the correct boxes. That she’ll apply some of the stickers down with creases; or on the dog.

He hopes this will fill a quality hour later tonight, just before LLK goes to bed.

He hopes through association with stickers, LLK might let him watch some of the football when it starts.

LLK won’t let him watch the football – but she will love the stickers he buys.

They will both love the stickers he buys.

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