Self Portrait – The Man Behind The Mask

A view from the man behind the mask.

But what is he hiding?

From those around him.

From himself.

A blog that offers the chance to open up; to set his thoughts free.

A blog that is proving to be more of a pleasure to write than initially thought.

That is proving to be an outlet of pleasure, rather than the place to moan, it so easily could have been.

But still there are things to hide – to hold back.

Not every truth needs to be known. Not every truth will want to be read.

Just because it is written down, does not necessarily make it interesting.

So the mask stays close to hand.

The mask, a mask, remains in place.

But the smile is more genuine of late. The eyes sparkle more brightly than ever before.

You can never truly hide the emotion behind the eyes.

The eyes, the twitch, still say a lot.

The masks say – Daddy wants to play. Daddy wants to take part.

This mask says Baa!!!!

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