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And why should we give you the job?

I’m good at what I do. It’s not the greatest answer. By no means one that will end up on a quotation site – and yes, of course, I will expand. It is the right answer. It is why they should give me the job. I try never to explain what I do for a

Food: Divisions of Eight

Think of a number. Not any number – a specific number. The exact number you will cook for, eat with, tonight. What about tomorrow night? Will the number remain the same? What if it was a weekend? When we, it seems, are expected to entertain. Does that number change? Does it fluctuate depending on the

I read a post today, oh boy

Actually, I read the blog post yesterday. I’m not sure why I’m claiming today, or even why I’ve gone with a Beatles themed title – but it just kept looping around in my head. And well, sometimes I just go with – say what – is rattling around up there. But today is important. Not

Stuck on you

This is LLK. She will be three next month. LLK is a gansta. She a sticker gangsta! She puts stickers everywhere – in books, on paper, on furniture – even on her face. This is LLK’s dad. He’ll be 37 next month. He’s not a gangsta – but he can touch his nose with his

Postcards from Leeds – Of the People

I have been selected to be one of the People of Leeds. I think it is an idea that was started in Sweden, where a different person each week takes over a twitter feed and tells the world – or at least the followers of that feed – about their location; their Leeds. Their Leeds?

It’s a – no other commitments in life – sport

Snow – that’s what they are predicting. The first week in April and it looks as though snow is on the horizon – well, the northerly horizon. If Scotland was to get independence, can we at least have an agreement that they get to keep most of their weather? Though it’s not surprising to see

Eat Street Food?

It’s amazing what excuses people use to project their wants on to others. Walking through the streets of Rome – looking for somewhere to eat during the day, Mum would always offer a preference to sit down; because it would be easier for Lauren. As I perched myself on a stone bench today, in Leeds;

Self Portrait – The Man Behind The Mask

A view from the man behind the mask. But what is he hiding? From those around him. From himself. A blog that offers the chance to open up; to set his thoughts free. A blog that is proving to be more of a pleasure to write than initially thought. That is proving to be an