Postcards from Rome – The last supper


It seems wrong to try and compare Rome’s Fiumicino airport with Leeds Bradford. It’s that blood orange/lemon thing again.

One is the main airport for a global traveller’s city – the other is a regional airport that few global travellers will pass through.

But still – there is one aspect that you can compare, even if it is through a rose tinted, end to the holidays view.

On our way out here I had a bap – that had no bap. Just dry toast and bacon gristle. Here, in Rome, I had the choice of four pastas, five salads, three main courses and five puddings. All of which I’d happily buy.

Three of which, I did.

They weren’t great – good but of a very average restaurant standard – but it’s more about the importance Italians place on food – even at this service level standard. Something very few of our services locations seem to get.

Like I said. Maybe it’s the holiday mood still in me – but next time I’m faced with eating a bapless bap, I’ll look back on my last meal of this trip and think.

What if?


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