Postcards from Rome – No average photography


Pop quiz uno

What is the monument above? No consulting google – well, unless you want to see a far better image of it. Maybe one at night – or at least one head on.

I’m no good at taking photos. It’s why we’re not really a picture family. There are plenty of snaps of Lauren on our various phones – but for us to actually carry a camera around is a rarity.

But as we walk around Rome, I feel almost compelled to fumble with my phone – trying desperately to capture each monument as I go. But then, can you really do them justice – do their natural surroundings, justice?

Not really. Even professionals use editing software.

So I barely take photos. Instead I write.
I try to describe. Describe how the sky is the blue of the Napoli shirt – of the Diego Maradona era. How the sun is as warm and welcoming as the first cuddle of the day from Lauren – how the pines, stand proud – framing everything before them.

I could take a photo – but it would never really convey how amazing this place is.

You’ll just have to take my word for it – or better – come see it for yourself.


Image: Fontana di Trevi

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