Postcards from Rome – Dressing with the seasons


Pop quiz due

How can you tell the locals from the tourists in Rome?

Most of you are going for the trademark cameras or rucksacks. Others, for the gormless look of the lost tourist, nose deep in a map.

The true key to differentiate between the two is not necessarily that simple. The real test is in what the person is wearing. Or more importantly – not wearing.

It was once explained to me that Italians dress by the season. Only last week did the calendar herald the arrival of spring – and whilst I have been fighting temptation to drag out my hairy, pasty legs in a pair of shorts – resisted thus far – your average Roman adult is still wearing a coat to work.

The men can usually be found in a thick, quilted coat or full length mac. The ladies in that short puffa style favoured by Italian women. Where as a Geordie tourist would be decked out only in a pair of shorts – the Italians will be covered up deep in to May.

Prepared, just in case a solitary cloud brings the temperature below 20 degrees.

Now where did I put that singlet?


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