Monthly Archive:: February 2012

I don’t like it

“I don’t like it. Why don’t you like it? I don’t like it.” It’s a simple enough conversation, played out with a two year old, who doesn’t quite have the language development to articulate what she really wants to say. Yet they are four words I try my hardest to stop Lauren from actually saying.

When Empires refuse to fall

Dust and stories – that’s all we have left. Stories of a weeping tricenarian, gift bearing Peloponnesians and a family of Caesars – leaders of their empires – of their once great, dust covered lands. Those leaders died before their empires fell. Their legacy lasting longer than the lands they had conquered. But what of

Death of a tee

Goodbye old friend You served me well I shall cherish the times we spent together You protected me You covered me You gave me warmth when others offered only cold You were cool when some would have been stifling We travelled great distances together But as time drew on, you rarely left the house You


I stand in front of you I’ll take the force of the blow Protection Something a father should always offer his children. Something I would like to think I offer to my wife; your mum. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much protection those around us really need. I can mollycoddle you to the point