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I’m at a crossroads. Not an emotional, sell-my-soul to the devil kind of crossroads – more the virtual, unsure where to go next kind. See I worked in Milan. I could spend the rest of my life drinking coffee or Negronis in Piazza del Duomo, but then I’ve recently booked tickets to fly out to

What’s in a word?

What’s in a word? Not just any word. I’m thinking of those descriptive words that are used to lure us in to parting with our money where consumer goods – in the main, food or drink, are concerned. You know the ones – they scream out of windows and sandwich boards – like beacons of

Gotta Dance!

Pour me a glass of vino rosso, sit me in a comfortable chair and ask me what my favourite film is. Truth is I don’t care much for films. I get bored quickly; fidgety – even quicker. So the thought of sitting through most films leaves me cold. But favourite films – that’s a different

I’d rather not “read all about it”

Amy reads the Daily Mail. My dad reads the Daily Mail. You, the reader, may have sent me a link to the Daily Mail’s website. You all do it for different reasons. Amy is that new wave of Daily Mail reader, who only picks out the online content about celebrities, fashion – Femail life stories


Forget Cotoletta alla Milanese, that greatest of all rebranded regional dishes (it was pork, originally, not veal) inherited from the days of the Austrian Empire – the perfect accompaniment to tonight’s Derby della Madonnia (AC Milan v Internazionale) must surely be a Negroni. There’s a good chance that you won’t have had a Negroni before.


I have an idea. I’ll call it an idea as I think I’ve overused the word dream on this site – especially when composing yet another whimsical post for you all to read. The idea is to park a Fiat 500 in the ever-so-unglamorous location of the underground car park in Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Turin.

Friends forever?

How old is too old to make new friends? Amy thinks that question sounds suspiciously like the opening to a “Sex in the city” episode. So whilst I dust myself off and try to recover some dignity, how about considering another question: Are you ever too old to make new friends? I’m 36. I joined

Explaining sad (AKA yeah, cheers Walt)

Happy – Sad Smile – Frown Good – Evil Calm – Angry Alive – Dead Good – naughty, bad, terrible, horrible, wicked, dastardly… Who would have thought that one of the biggest challenges faced during the Christmas period, would have been to decide how best we should approach a seemingly unending list of human emotions

2012: The year we all dye something by mistake

The thing about looking back is that at some point, you know you’re going to have to end up looking forward if you want to get anywhere. That’s why Janus has two faces. One face was to look back and remind you of the past, another to slag your mates of behind their backs. Sorry,

Self Portrait: A Promising Start

Self Portrait – January 2012 The hair is at least three weeks too long. The stubble is much the same – but in terms of days rather than weeks. Even the eyebrows haven’t been looked at for a month at least. Grooming has clearly taken a back seat at this hectic time of year. The