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2011: In words, links and one picture

The Ancient Roman’s had a God for everything. There was Apollo, the God of dance music – who went hand in hand with Bacchus, the God of high ABV Craft Beers. There was Vulcan, the God of geeks and sci-fi TV producers. They also had Juno, the online God of record buying and Mercury –

Non-transferable skills (or when a man can’t use his hands)

I once claimed to a friend that I was a Prosecco Communist. Think champagne socialist but with better, bearded role models. It was a crass way of suggesting that whist I may want the opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life, I still value the ideal that everyone in society should be afforded the

The true spirit of Christmas – a happy child

Belief. It’s a strange thing to explain to people. A sense of knowledge and understanding that comes solely from within – even if it is passed down through the ages. Only you can believe. Only you have the power to believe. Christmas is an interesting time when you have a young child. There are a

Self Portrait: Broken Promises

Self portrait – December 2011. This is a quick and dirty post. I’m not sure if it is a one off or a new theme – in which I plaster my ugly mug up on the blog, cataloguing a year through my face. Some might argue that the image won’t change – that the same

The Blogger in his studio

I’m sat at a table. It is a table big enough to sit six large chairs around. My hair is tidy; if a little long. My eyes are heavy – blue, but bloodshot. My features both puffy and sharp; stubble of two days is scratchy and loud to touch. I sit like a burst couch,

Charity begins…

On the first day of January. Well actually, charity is merely extended – given to a new cause at that time. Still fearful of that Humble Brag klaxon, but here goes with the latest cry for help. I have been donating regularly for most of my working life. Previous employers would often give the last