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This book will make you want to cook at least one meal

The Family Meal: Home cooking with Ferran Adria How many of you read the introduction to cookbooks? That bit at the beginning where the author – usually a celebrity chef – will tell you about their motivation for the book. Where they will give you a feel for why this is the most important cookbook

Chris 16:41

And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. Quick pop quiz time – where does that line appear in the bible? No checking through google. Come on class. Hurry up. Yes you, Fetherstonhaugh. Come on, boy. Speak up. Yes, that’s right. Matthew 4:19. I don’t expect many to

Update – Bonnie Tyler

The rain was getting harder. Nix was sure Chris was behind her when she walked out of the bar; but now he was nowhere to be seen. She tried to call out to him, but couldn’t make herself heard over the sound of car horns and revellers spilling out of the bars on First Avenue.

Update – Daydream believer

I see her now. She is dancing between the pedestrians on the side walk – disappearing and reappearing from behind the plumes of steam that rise from the road. I watch her as she punches the air – no doubt listening to something upbeat on her iPod. She is oblivious to the people around her.

Read – but under my terms

“Right chaps. The battles lines have been drawn. Blog A. I want you to come round the rear flank of the profit making organisations that use bloggers without paying, and tweet them hard. Blog B. It’s your job to facebook status the life out of those websites that use our content without asking, and don’t

Cooking the books

I’m surrounded by books. Big books, small books, hardbacks and pamphlet like notebooks. There’s fiction, non-fiction, maps and instruction manuals. There is basically one of every style of book you could want for; not just in one room – but nearly every room, hallway, prominent space or hidden away within my in-law’s house. I’ll confess

Tipping the brim

I’ve written in the past about the need to smarten myself up. To confront my apathy towards shopping and to add a few, choice pieces a month to my – what can only be described as a, relaxed wardrobe. I often look back to a bygone era, to a time when the idea of leaving


Some days are close to being perfect. When everything we do is in unison, in harmony – in a total understanding of what makes us feel right. Other days are not so. Those are the days when we let our frustrations get the better of us. Where we raise our voices, our ire, and we

Wine – Confessions of a bluffer

Why do you choose the wine you buy? I mean – what makes you choose the wine you buy? Are you the sort of person who once had a bottle with friends, or in a restaurant, and have steadfastly stuck with the same bottle ever since? Did you once watch a well known American comedy

I’m ready for my rub down, Nurse Whalley

I should be bothered. I should raise my frustration from a mere iota, to that of a defence readiness condition closer to one than five. I should expect a specialist, employed by a hospital, to be able to read my notes before I walk in to his clinic; and for that clinic to be on