Monthly Archive:: September 2011

Reconnected – Avert your eyes

Watch how I do it. Oh my god they’re huge. Try and do it a little harder. Just look at her eyes. Don’t look down there. Keep going. Another 50 seconds. Look at the clock. No. She might think that’s rude. 40. There’s an eye chart. Look at the eye chart. No wait. What if

Disconnected – Alright Dave?

A trigger is a strange thing. In terms of my anxiety, a trigger could be a simple thing that I would manage, deal with and move past for weeks on end. Then, out of nowhere; that simple thing would blow up. Become a hard to manage, impossible to pass situation – that I simply had

Connected – The Leeds side-streets that you slip down

The next three connected posts – planned to run over the next three days – are about a subject that is, quite literally (Jamie), close to my heart; anxiety. The first, connected, will try to give an understanding of how I came to accept I had to deal with my anxiety. The second, disconnected, will

Blogging from the front line

I’m sat in a busy kitchen with families running around me – including sections of my own – and I am closed away in my own thoughts; planning this latest post. But then I am on holiday. I am supposed to be enjoying myself. Writing is one of the few ways by which I have


I’ve had an epiphany. I’m not sure when it happened. It could have been whilst reading back through my previous letters to you, or whilst listening to Danny Baker’s Desert Island Disc show (none of which may mean the slightest thing to you) – it might even have been whilst reading you, your dinosaur book.

Private dancer

“I would only believe in a God that knows how to dance.” Friedrich Nietzsche I’m a private dancer. Not in the provocative, seductive way – in backrooms, where you can look but not touch. No, I am a private dancer; alone – often in the kitchen, with only a laptop as sound system and DJ