Parla Calcio?

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Oh Italy.

The place I’d love to one day call home – that beautiful country I have visited more than any other (if you discount Lancashire) in recent years.

Italy – the home of great food, great wine, historical landmarks, fantastic football teams – and a language so, so, err, so….

Parla Calcio?

This is a project I have thought about doing for a couple of years now. A way in which I can interweave my love for football with a burning desire I have to learn the Italian language. To see if the language of football – that of players names, club names, stadium names, formations – can be used as a bridging gap between the vocabulary used to describe them.

Just as pizza, pasta and cappuccino are commonly used as part of the English language, so to will you find Italian words creeping more and more in to the vocabulary of football writers and commentators – Catenaccio (always used in a negative way), Seconda punta (not to be said after too many drinks) and Trequartista (what every club claims to have, when they justify their midfielders smacking long balls over the heads of their strikers).

A glossary provided by Michael Cox of Zonal Marking gives a definition of those words

The plan is to pick a team (this will be explained in the second post on this site) and armed only with an Italian/English dictionary, an online translator, a copy every Tuesday of Gazzetta dello Sport and an, as of yet undefined method of learning Italian aside to this – be it lessons or an audio system – I hope to start to develop a far greater understanding of the language (hand gestures included) as the season progresses.

It won’t all be about football, though it will be linked to football – after all, that is the common language we are starting with.

Posts may range from memories of cities my chosen club is visiting, or comments on the local delicacies – the food, the wine – of that region. Either way, I hope to build my own glossary, through the titles used for each post, that anyone starting out at the same level can build a greater understanding of the language.

(NB – is a blog that will sit in parallel to this one. I intend to start this off by keeping the two separate, but there is the possibility that I will morph the two together – preferably so that the new site is linked here as a direct page. Articles may appear on both where the main thrust of the subject is non-football related)

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