Monthly Archive:: December 2010

Friends forever

I’ve just read the sad news that someone I knew has recently died. My emotions were mixed and somewhat complex as I tried to absorb the text on the screen. I was naturally sad because they had died; frustrated because we had lost contact over the last two years – yet the overriding emotion was

A Titanic problem

“Would you like salad with that?” is a phrase uttered to me most lunchtimes. Irrespective of my sandwich filling of choice, the ever smiling staff behind the till, always check to see if I would like a percentage of my five-a-day added – at some extra cost – to my daily feed. I usually say

Your label is sticking out

At what point did my life become nothing more than a collection of labels or tags by which I am instantly recognised by? I don’t mean the simple police style IC1 Male. More the often, somewhat lazy and disparaging label that identifies me not as an individual, but as part of a wider network of