Monthly Archive:: September 2010

Nail your colours to the mast

Do you love sport? I mean, seriously? Do you love sport with such a passion that it is a tribal thing? Do you think that, should the day of the revolution come, you may go to war solely on the basis of the sporting teams you support? The reality is that no, you won’t. If

My debt to Marco Tardelli

It’s the eyes I notice first. His outstretched arms, wide opened mouth, nodding head – all of those I catch later. From the moment he rises from the ground, to the moment he spins from sight, all I can see is the passion in those eyes. Not once does he blink. Not once do I

On – The lazy traveller

Alan Whicker’s experience of foreign travel taught him that learning languages was less important than a confident, cheerful attitude. That may work for a renowned international traveller and media star, but what about the rest of us – simple, lazy travellers. I’ve just got back off of a Mediterranean holiday. Menorca you see. The island

On – Being lost in Leeds

Found myself in a strange town, though I’ve only been here for six years now. I’ve got questions in my mind. Trying to find a clue on Cookridge Street. I moved to Leeds for love. It’s true. The love was already in me; it just happened that the person I loved was living in Leeds.

The Bromance of the lesser spotted Larkspur

We were somewhere around platform six when the beer began to take hold. I remember saying something like “that was some of the best beer I’ve ever tasted…” And then suddenly there was a loud roar of a diesel engine and the sky was leaden thanks to a late summer shower. The voice in my