Flick through the pages of this cook

How many CDs do you have? How many vinyl albums, tapes or even, dare I say it, digital files chock full of music cluttering your hard drive? Likewise, how many cookbooks do you have? How many websites do you refer to, or recipes printed off; yellowing as they age under bombardment of steam and fat

The presents, revolt

People of the world. Come here and read my words. They bring forth a simple idea. One we must all, by now, agree is needed. Change is a coming. For change to happen, we need to look not inside ourselves, nor even in to the faces of others. No. We need to look at the

Food glorious food

Why do you eat? That seems like a simple enough question. Most of us eat to live, to survive. But is that the only reason why we, you eat? Do you ever eat to enjoy? To savour the time you spend with food? The easiest way to determine whether you are a functioning, eating machine

Well tonight thank god of them (retweeters)

Last night as I lay in bed, aimlessly flicking between Twitter and Facebook, I noticed a user had posted a picture of the pyramids in Egypt, covered in snow. My first reaction was to try and make a “funny”. Read: not very. Only this time, something strange happened. People seemed to like it. The tweet


Have you ever considered whether you actually read the emails you receive? Emails that you are copied in to, emails that are sent to you as a means by which to reiterate the conversation you may have just completed. Emails that you are sent because you once visited a website. Emails that have been moved

Me, my blog and I

I feel like I owe you an explanation, dear reader An explanation as to why I have been bombarding you with posts of late. Why the figure in brackets behind November on the right stands out; bigger, more obvious than most of the months below. I am no longer what I once was. Yesterday I

Conscience clear?

Have you ever broken the law? It could be anything. A mojo pilfered as a child, a speeding ticket gained in a hurry. Now when you broke the law, did you do so knowingly? Were your actions those of a dishonest person? Me? Well, what do you think? If there were crimes, then, I’d suggest

Sex Toys

Christmas is coming. That warm, fuzzy time when we should all rejoice in the good that we see. Unless of course you are a father, of a daughter, sick to the back teeth of seeing the sexist labelling of clothes and toys at this time of year. To the shops we go to find shelves

Shopping by numbers

The title says it all. We shop by numbers. Just take a look at our fridge in that picture. See the shelves, well the shelves represent numbers – as though they are shapes in a children’s colouring book. The shelves represent “colours” that need to be filled in. Colours such as meat, dairy, salad and


I’m sure there is more than a hint of irony to the situation when I loudly rebuke Lauren for shouting, as she speaks excitedly. “She’s not shouting” Amy will say. “She’s using your voice.” But then it’s not necessarily my voice. It’s the King voice. What a voice; that booming, sound barrier breaking, dulcet tone of our